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Awesome Sketch plugins for web design

Here are some of the plugin gems i found for Sketch! Please, let me know if there are any others you recommend in the comments.

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How to update all Node dependencies to their latest version

For the first time last week, i received a “Security Alert Digest” email from Github.

Inside were all the dependencies of a project, gatsby-starter, that had known vulnerabilities. It listed the name of the dependency, its version, and the version i should upgrade to to be safe. Okay.

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How to download Google Fonts to host on your own web server or use in Photoshop

If you want to use a particular Google Font in a graphic, maybe a video overlay, or you want to self-host fonts on your own server to speed up your website, you’ll need a way to download the font and convert it to a web font. It can be a time-consuming endeavor. But it doesn’t have to be. A simple way to speed up the process is by using the web app Google Webfonts Helper …