PHP Server Configuration WordPress

Redirect all .php pages excluding WordPress /wp-admin directory files

I ended up having 100s of crawl errors in Google Search Console for URLs that were ending in /blah.php and for some reason. Some even ended in .html, which was easy to resolve since WordPress doesn’t use .html files, but .php files. After failing to write my own .htaccess RewriteRule and RewriteCond code, i found some useful code that i was able to tailor to fit my needs. I’ve shared it below. This code …

CLI PHP Server Configuration WordPress

Fix Fatal error when installing a WP-CLI package

TL;DR Composer was using an outdated PHP, while my server was running the latest. Need to get them to use the same PHP version. Instructions below.

CLI PHP Server Configuration

Machform PHP mail / sendmail issues on Apache and nginx

So, i decided to give Machform a spin on a project i was working on. Figured it would be quick and easy to get up and running. It was — locally — but when deploying to my sandbox/staging server, i ran into issues with sending notification emails. It was maddening. Spent a couple of days getting everything working as needed and on the same page for all three differing environments. The first problem occurred when …