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Awesome Sketch plugins for web design

Here are some of the plugin gems i found for Sketch! Please, let me know if there are any others you recommend in the comments.

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Lightweight Slider / Carousel: Siema

Previously, i lauded a lightweight carousel, Flickity, but on a current project, i inexplicably ran into an image loading issue that i spent about two hours trying to fix. No luck.

So, throwing my hands up in the air — literally — i googled “lightweight slider carousel” and the top hit was Siema.

Siema describes itself aptly as “a simple and very lightweight slider / carousel plugin written in pure vanilla JavaScript without any dependencies.”

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Ditching Google Analytics for a more privacy-focused alternative

Off and on i’ve toyed with leaving Google Analytics. The primary reason for this is their unruly tracking practices not respecting user privacy — at all. Google hoards and controls a ton of user data; user data they grab while users travel around the Internet. And, even when consumers grant consent for some things, it’s a blurry line that Google toes. I don’t need all the stuff Google tracks, like gender, about my visitors. A …

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Moosend: A MailChimp alternative

MailChimp is the gorilla of the email marketing world. I needed an alternative. With its growth and popularity over the years, the tried-and-true increase in prices and decrease in free-tier plan features has come along with it. We see it all too often in every industry.

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How to update all Node dependencies to their latest version

For the first time last week, i received a “Security Alert Digest” email from Github.

Inside were all the dependencies of a project, gatsby-starter, that had known vulnerabilities. It listed the name of the dependency, its version, and the version i should upgrade to to be safe. Okay.

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Speed up your website with Chrome’s Coverage tool

Speed up a website by removing unused CSS from stylesheets. Use Chrome’s DevTools Coverage tool as a guide for what to remove.

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How to download Google Fonts to host on your own web server or use in Photoshop

If you want to use a particular Google Font in a graphic, maybe a video overlay, or you want to self-host fonts on your own server to speed up your website, you’ll need a way to download the font and convert it to a web font. It can be a time-consuming endeavor. But it doesn’t have to be. A simple way to speed up the process is by using the web app Google Webfonts Helper …

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Add Let’s Encrypt SSL with manual TXT verification for GoDaddy DNS

I wanted to add SSL to a website i quickly spun up on a Lightsail instance. It was running on a subdomain. I ran into a hiccup with getting the domain verified via TXT entries in DNS when using Let’s Encrypt to setup SSL on a subdomain via GoDaddy DNS. In case you’re interested, here are the commands i used to manually add SSL with Let’s Encrypt with domain verification and prompts. Via CLI: mycli:~$ …

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How to compress + minify MailChimp’s mc-validate.js for faster loading and better PageSpeed Insight Scores

MailChimp has been far from cooperative with helping developers speed up website loading by simply minifying their mc-validate.js file. There’s a growing thread on Twitter started over two — yes, 2! — years ago!

Here’s what i did to stop receiving terrible grades on GT Metrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

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Apache + LetsEncrypt file ‘/etc/letsencrypt/live/…/fullchain.pem’ does not exist or is empty. Action ‘configtest’ failed.

I had setup a new Apache server and needed an SSL certificate so i went with the tried and true, quick and easy LetsEncrypt/certbot route. While testing if gzip was installed, i received errors running apachectl configtest. First time receiving this error. It seemed to be caused by the LetsEncrypt install. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it for quite some time since the https:// version of the site i just put up on the new …

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WordPress Developers: to use functions.php or a functionality plugin?

I first learned of the functionality plugin vs functions.php way of thinking either from a StackOverflow comment while searching for some elusive WP answer or via Dave Clements’s posts: Create Functions Plugin and Putting Things Where They Belong. Not sure it matters, but i like to attribute inspiration. Anywhoo… The more i’ve tackled WordPress projects, especially while working in-parallel on a few projects or back-to-back with little time to rest, i’ve come to look for more efficient …

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Fonts blocked by CORS policy on localhost: How to fix that

I’m using MAMP Pro and have a separate Host setup for each of my website projects. This let’s me navigate to instead of https://localhost:8888/mywebsitedirectory. You can easily set up to be a.b.c if you wanted; this is my convention for projects. I like to separate local dev with production and sandbox/staging sites. Since i decided to serve fonts locally as web fonts instead of grabbing them from Google or TypeKit or wherever, i noticed this …

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MySQL Server Not Starting on MAMP for Mac

So if you’re like me, you do a lot of WordPress development locally and experience annoying issues. I use MAMP, personally, as do many others. One of these common headaches is the MySQL server not starting on MAMP for Mac; inexplicably stopping and whatever you try, it won’t start again. Here’s a fix that has worked all the time for me: Quit MAMP. In the Finder (or Terminal) go to Applications/MAMP/db/mysql56/ and delete the last log …