Google Analytics Custom Reports & Dashboard Templates

Google Analytics Reports and Dashboard templates

Google Analytics is intimidating and confusing at first glance.

When you first setup a GA account and some properties, go to Customization -> Custom Reports -> Import from Gallery and browse through reports you deem interesting. Try some out.

Or, you can use the reports i use for most of my own accounts and clients, which i’ve catalogued below. I recommend keeping the default names for the reports and dashboards. They’re usefully named and also give attribution to the creators.

Here are a list of the Google Analytics templates i use. I’ve gathered them from throughout the web.

I got these from Shopify’s 5 Simple Google Analytics Reports You Should Create for Every Client

  • Customer Acquisition Report

    The Customer Acquisition report offers a simple but crucial perspective for any online business. This report will show your clients how their customers are landing on-site and what channels are contributing the most revenue to their business. Ecommerce data for each acquisition channel is broken down to total revenue, average order value, and conversion rate. That way, they can identify what specific channels they should increase (or decrease) their marketing efforts on.

  • Organic Traffic Landing Page Report

    The Organic Traffic Landing Page report tries to circumvent this barrier by allowing you to see your top performing landing pages for organic traffic. Not only does this report filter your traffic by organic session landing pages, but it will also allow you to see a snapshot of your most profitable landing pages for organically-sourced visitors. By using landing pages as your primary dimension, you’re able to make a manual assessment of what content or keywords could be driving your organic traffic, as well as what pages could use some extra SEO love.

  • Email Assessment Report

    If your client plans to use email marketing to drive return traffic to their store, the Email Assessment report will help them understand the role their campaigns play in sales. By understanding which campaigns lead to the greatest amount of transactions or revenue, your client has additional data — aside from open and click-through rates — to optimize their email marketing efforts.

  • Device Comparison Report

    The Device Comparison report includes two views that allow your clients to better understand the differences between their mobile and desktop customers. They’ll understand how user behaviour differs based on device, as well as what acquisition sources are driving the most profitable customers based on device.

  • Time of Day / Week Transaction Report

    What’s great about this report is that it will allow your client to isolate particular days or hours that are performing poorly in terms of revenue. This information presents an opportunity for them to run special marketing promotions during these periods to increase traffic, as well as sales.

And these came from MonsterInsights

  • Blogger Dashboard

    If you have a blog on your website and want to get a quick view of important data that relates solely to the activity that happens on your blog, check out this ready-made Google Analytics custom dashboard.

  • SEO Dashboard

    Luckily, with this easy-to-understand custom Google Analytics dashboard, you can see data like total number of organic visits, the top landing pages organic traffic visits, top organic keywords, and the highest performing keywords based on your goals (if you’ve set up goals in your Google Analytics account).

    In addition, if you connect Google Search Console to Google Analytics, you can see exactly how Google is seeing and ranking your website, as well as monitor spam issues, see if mobile users are visiting your site, and even delete or hide content from Google if you want to.

  • PPC Dashboard

    With this Google Analytics custom dashboard, you can see metrics like:

    • Number of PPC visits
    • Visits and pages/visit
    • Visits by country/territory
    • Average visit duration

I hope these help you out. They’ve been a treasure trove of insightfulness for me. If you have any others to add, please put them in the comments. Thank you!

Cheers and peace.

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