10 Useful VS Code Extensions + Tips

Useful Visual Studio Code extensions

Last year i wrote about switching from Sublime Text to Visual Studio Code as my editor of choice. Here’s a list of useful extensions and tips.

  1. Fira Code – A font with ligatures! Just look at the beauty of it below.Fira Code VS Code font showcase
    Fira Code - VS Code - All Ligatures

  2. vscode-icons – Shows different icons based on file type in your sidebar explorer. I love that i can quickly discern file types AND folders based on their icons. vscode-icons

  3. Spell Right – It’s a spellchecker. Too many times i’ve copied and pasted copy and it ends up having typos in it. This helps.

  4. Auto Close Tag – Closes a paired tag automatically. I have it set to Sublime Text mode: once you type </ it will close the tag. Default mode automatically inserts closing tag once you open a tag. Visual

  5. Apache Conf Snippets – Add various snippets for .htaccess files. I’m constantly doing server related things, so instead of checking if i have something in my Gists or Evernote or searching StackOverflow (for hours), i can use these snippets as a starting point. Apache

  6. HTML Boilerplate – Self-explanatory; produces a boilerplate for HTML files. Great for when i need to create a simple landing page. HTML

  7. Settings Sync – Syncs VSC settings across computers. This includes Settings, Snippets, File Icons, Keybindings, etc. (You’ll need a GitHub account, by the way.)

  8. ACF-Snippet – If you’re a WordPress developer like me, you have integrated ACF into your development life pretty heavily. I spend way too much time looking up the code to do routine or rarely used things in ACF. This extension reduces that time. Screenshot shows how typing in field:location:map will produce this bunch of code quickly.

  9. Auto Rename Tag – Renames opening and closing tags simultaneously. Visual

  10. Snippet Generator – Create your own snippets by pasting in the code you want converted into a snippet. After generating the code, go to Preferences -> Configure User Snippets and paste it there.

If you have any other extensions, please comment below! Thanks. Cheers and peace.

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