How to fix Grayed Out AppleID when updating AppStore Apps

Grayed Out AppleID

This has driven me mad over the years when i sporadically have to update an old App that was previously installed by a former user. And every time i have to spend 10 minutes or so scouring the web for a correct answer.

Here’s the process to fix this.

Appstore Grayed Out AppleID
Grayed Out AppleID

Go to the Applications folder.

Find the app that you’re trying to update. In this instance, it was Bitdefender Virus Scanner.

Command+Click the app, then click the Show Package Contents option.

Show Package Contents Screenshot

Go inside the _MASReceipt folder.

Finder _MASRecipts Folder

Now delete the “receipt” file. You’ll be prompted for a local Administrator username and password. Voila.

You should now be able to go back to the AppStore and update the app. Do this for all the apps that prompt you for credentials with a grayed out AppleID.

I hope that helps! Cheers and peace.

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