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So, you’re implementing structured data on your site, particularly using JSON-LD (the latest Google recommendation regarding structured data), but when testing the file or the code used via the Structured Data Testing Tool, you receive an error–particularly this: JSON-LD Missing ‘}’ or object member name. Fortunately, it has a pesky but quick fix. All you have to do is look for the superfluous trailing comma(s) throughout your code. For instance, in the image below, you’ll […]

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All things are moving faster towards a Star Trek and The Jetsons-esque reality: Google’s new Pixel Buds (wireless!) allow real-time language translation in your EAR; Amazon’s Echo and Google’s newly announced Home (and Home Mini) are full-house voice listening/activation devices to do ish throughout your abode. What’s awesome, amazing — and frickin’ freaky! — about these devices are their multiple device packages, which allow messages to be passed room-to-room between devices. Always listening, always aware. […]

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