Firebase custom domain verification with Namecheap DNS

Firebase Custom Domain

Out of the blue, i received a message that i still needed to verify my domain ownership — odd, because two weeks prior i thought i had covered my Firebase custom domain verification.

I double-checked i followed the Google instructions verbatim, going so far as deleting and re-entering the records, yet after a few hours, still no luck.

Enter doing the tried-and-true thing of Googling, but really hitting up good ol’ StackOverflow. It was suggested and deemed true by other members that this works with Namecheap BasicDNS:

1) For the TXT record with google-site-verification, change the Host value from "" to "@";

2) Additionally, create a CNAME record with Host value of "www" and Value with a value of "". After about 10 minutes, i tried verification again, and voila it worked!

Screenshot below referencing what i mean above.

Firebase custom domain verification
Namecheap BasicDNS: CNAME, A, and TXT Records with the tweaks needed for Google Firebase verification.

I love Firebase. But Firebase custom domain verification documentation, especially for Namecheap DNS, needs some work — and i want this to be an adequate appendage. If you have any other things to add, please comment below or drop me a line.


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Nicolas Sturm
Nicolas Sturm
6 years ago

Grande man! Estuve varias horas buscando solución.

5 years ago

This worked like a charm, the official docs are not good enough.

Brad Harms
5 years ago

How would this work if I wanted my Firebase app on a subdomain rather than the main domain?

5 years ago

Thanks man, it works!! I was trying to figure out how to do this for a couple of days.

Reply to  Oscar
5 years ago

I’m glad to help! It was frustrating, and I was sure I wasn’t the only one hitting my head against the wall over it. Cheers.

Andrés Gc
Andrés Gc
5 years ago

just perfect… work like a charm

saul alejos garay
4 years ago

Tambien me funcionoo

4 years ago

This works like a charm! Thank you!!

4 years ago

It works great. Thanks for the solution

3 years ago

Still valid info, still very helpful!

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