Lightweight WordPress commenting system plugin: wpDiscuz

wpDiscuz WordPress Commenting System Plugin

I’ve been sick of using JetPack or Disqus on my site for years, so i googled “lightweight WordPress commenting system” and didn’t get anything exactly mentioning that phrase. I got merely two articles talking about a new plugin called wpDiscuz, so i gave it a shot. This was sometime in 2017/2018. I’m finally getting back to this drafted post about it.

wpDiscuz is fast being that it uses AJAX lazy loading.

I liked that it keeps all comments in the WordPress database, making it a good alternative to Disqus, a commenting platform, often found embedded on WordPress sites, which keeps your comments in a walled garden on their own platform, so there’s no way to get your comments back onto your WordPress site if you leave Disqus. *Sigh*

wpDiscuz on the other hand is future-proof since it allows me to switch to a new plugin carrying my comments over without much hassle — typically.

Note: when attempting to import the comments into a different system/plugin called GraphComment, it was disappointing. But that’s on GraphComment, not wpDiscuz.

wpDiscuz Threaded Comments
Threaded comments on wpDiscuz. One of my most popular posts regarding Firebase and Namecheap.

Any who. The plugin has been lightweight, reliable, and customizable — if a tad confusing at some parts in the settings.

The only issue i’ve run into, which prompted me to do a cursory search for another commenting plugin (GraphComment was one i found above), is not receiving notifications when folks commented; instead, i had to manually check on my Dashboard. Weird.

I tried deactivating and using the WordPress built-in system, along with the comment notification via email. Nada. Not sure what the solution is besides finding a new system.

So yeah, if you’re looking for a new lightweight commenting system, give them a try. Let me know what you think.

Cheers and peace.


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